ABOUT FFTL The East Timor Football Federation  (Portuguese: Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste) is the governing body of football in East Timor. In 2016 FFTL run own league under supervision of FFTL and Secretary of State for Youth and Sport. The name of the league is Liga Futebol Amadora do Timor-Leste (English: Amateur Football League of East Timor). Founded 2002   Chairmen 1. Francisco Kalbuadi Lay  (2002-2007) (2008-2018) 2. Pedro Carrascalao    (2007-2008) Francisco MCP Jeronimo  (2018-Present) Affiliation FIFA Affiliation 2005 AFC Affiliation 2002 (Associate member) 2005 AFF Affiliation 2004